Our Mission

The Kelly Cares Foundation strengthens Communities and inspires hope by investing resources to improve Health & Education.


The communities touched by our Foundation are a model of educational success and wellness that provide hope and inspiration to all.

Tag Line:

A playbook for hope

Core Values:

Compassion: We express compassion in all that we think, say and do

Integrity: Openness and honesty guides all of our interactions

Excellence: Everything we do is top-notch and held to the highest of standards

Passion and Purpose:  We are passionate about our purpose and it shows

Contribution (purposeful giving): We act with intentionality to ensure the resources we give have the greatest impact



Although the promotion of breast cancer awareness is a matter close to our hearts, Kelly Cares supports healthcare organizations by funding valuable research and essential services as well as prevention programs and healthy-living initiatives.


Funding educational research and supporting institutional advancement at all levels and capacities reflects our fundamental commitment to quality education.


In the belief that communities prosper as a direct result of active participation on the part of its citizens, the Foundation actively supports and promotes initiatives that encourage the engagement of individuals in their respective communities.

Our Mission

Our Mission