#ShareYourStory (or many!)

The Kelly Cares Shamrock not only symbolizes faith, love, and strength of family, but also God's blessings of the gifts and talents of our team and how we share those gifts with others.

Each and every one of us has a personal story to share. And your story — of struggle and of triumph — can inspire others. Throughout the year the Kelly Cares Foundation is inviting you to SHARE YOUR STORY.

We encourage you to #ShareYourStory:

  • Featuring strength, resilience, hope, desire, and courage
  • Showing why you support the mission of the Kelly Cares Foundation
  • To give hope to others that may be battling the same thing you are

We want to hear your inspirational stories (approximately 800 words or less) and you are invited to share yours. Tell us all about it in the space below.


The Kelly Cares Foundation may be interested in sharing your story with others that support the Kelly Cares Foundation's mission. Upon submitting your story, we may contact you with any request to share your story - as we know just how powerful and impactful hearing others' stories of hope can be!