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Brian and Paqui Kelly

Did You Know?

One in eight women will get breast cancer in her lifetime.; July 2009

"You don't plan out or map, 'Hey, I'm going to start a foundation.' For Paqui and me it's a progression of who we are, and the path we've taken in our lives.” - Brian Kelly

Our Mission

The Kelly Cares Foundation was established by the Brian and Paqui Kelly family to support organizations, initiatives and programs that closely align with the goals and values of the Kelly family. A strong emphasis has been made on three main pillars: Health, Education, and Community.

To accomplish its mission, Kelly Cares emphasizes:

Through promoting breast cancer awareness, supporting those in need, funding valuable research, and encouraging prevention.

By funding educational research and supporting institutional advancement at all levels and capacities.

Strong communities are a direct result of active participation on the part of their citizens. The Foundation supports projects and initiatives that encourage the engagement of individuals in their local communities.

Living with – or living to – prevent cancer? Know someone who is?
Learn more about how we fulfill our mission and who we help